Top photo by  Texas Isaiah

Top photo by Texas Isaiah

  • Having my tarot read by Cassandra was a genuinely a heartening & insightful experience. Her manner is immediately calming, and made me feel completely capable of having an intimate conversation of my desires & intentions for the reading, as well as talking about the flavor of my life. Her vocabulary for tarot is sharp, vivid, & personal -- the reading I received was a generous blend of luminous insight & gentle encouragements. While I quickly came to trust her, she was also wonderful about reminding me that I know myself the best, and left the more nuanced aspects of the reading for my own reflection & determination, while also making herself available to discuss my thoughts & feelings about these things. Her enthusiasm for tarot & the deliciousness of ritual were evident, and by the end I felt that she had really helped me to clarify what had previously been very muddy waters.
    — Emily
  • Cassandra's readings are rooted in her esoteric knowledge & the themes of the tarot. Her intuitive sensibility translates through her cards her relationship with nature & colors. She has such an easy way about her that makes me feel safe, grounded, and more receptive to the messages in the cards and the conversation. She has been reading me for almost a decade now and I've watched her style grow into the full and developed perspective that it is now. She listens with openness and compassion and speaks with wisdom. It is always a benefit to spend any amount of time with her but if you seek perspective, healing, someone to listen, or someone to help you navigate through a process, do something good for yourself & get a reading from Cassandra.
    — Aimee A.
  • A genuine conduit of the spirits. Cassandra provides friendly and personal tarot readings. Her insightfulness and knowledge makes her revelations nothing short excellent. Highly recommended. She will even perform readings on your sailboat, she's that cool.
    — Adam C.
  • I wanted the tarot reading to help focus my swirling thoughts and when we were finished I had a more focused sense of approach. Cassandra has an intuition that is both sensitive and confident - she will lead you in conversation with the cards. By the end I felt my own confidence strengthened as she helped reconnect me to the energy that surrounds me.
    — Saskia
  • Cassandra knows.
    — Leah M.